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At Art Domaru, there expose:

Břetislav Holakovský - sculptor

Miroslav Houra - graphic

Miroslav Pangrác - sculptor

Milan Peterka - artist


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Last update: 10.6. 2016
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Welcome to Art Domaru galllery

By means of our virtual gallery we would like to introduce some authors and their works to you. Especially, these are the artists such as sculptors, graphics and painters but it is very probable that Art Domaru will be richer in many others branches in future.

The Internet form of Art Domaru gallery arose to emphasize the all artists over the world. The patron of the whole project is the member of the European Parliament MUDr. Jiří Maštálka.

At present, you can see thirty works of five authors at our gallery. Of course, some works are possible to buy that's why if you are interested in some of these works, you can find us on the address which is written lower.

If you belong among the artists and you are interested in showing your works on the Internet by means of Art Domaru gallery, for example, write please on: artdomaru(at)

We believe that our gallery brings you a lot of interesting experiences and that there will be the reason for you to come back to our www presentation.



The address of the gallery:

Břetislav Holakovský
V Radčicích 71
Plzeň 322 00
Tel.: 019/7822237
E-mail: artdomaru(at)